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The Holy Grail

April 30, 2017


When God created the World, He commanded the seventh day be for rest.  I'd like to think that the seventh day of the week was reserved for beauty.  Some call it #selfcaresunday. I call #necessary.  I worshipfully buff, puff, and lather my way to holy bliss one day of every week.  This day is reserved for masks, treatments, and anything out of the ordinary to my daily beauty routine.

It is a very sacred ceremony, mainly of the "do not disturb" variety.  First, I worshipfully lay products out one by by one in their ritualistic order.  Then, the process of sacred application begins.  When the ceremony is finished, let the reverence begin. Emerge from your sanctuary blissed out and beautiful.

Read ahead for my Holy Grail of beauty:


Pre-shampoo Mask


Do you exfoliate your scalp?  If not, it could be what is preventing you from reaching your mane of glory.  Use Keranique's mask before youshampoo, exfoliating while you apply, and then pop on a shower cap for 20 minutes.  Shampoo and condition as usual when you get into the shower.  Voila! Shine perfection to follow.  But before you hop into the shower...




NuAcquaDerm Microdermasion tool has a several interchangeable dermabrasion tips that suction off dull skin to leave your skin luminous and bright.  I love to use this not only on my face, but on my body to create a clean canvas for my new tan. Which brings me to...



 Sunless Tanner



Behold, the world's best sunless tanner!  Not only do you have a dark, Trump-free colored tan, it last for 2 weeks, fades naturally, and has absolutely no smell, no parabens, no GMO's, and is packed with organic botanicals.  Can you hear the angels singing?



Sheet Mask

Many cultures use masks during their religious ceremonies. Your day of beauty will incorporate make too.  Karuna's serum drenched sheet masks are a favorite.  Whether you need an extra surge antioxidants or a blanket moisture, Karuna has your back, or face, rather.  



Gel Manicure

It's no secret that I am a fan of Red Carpet Manicure!  By spending just a few minutes giving yourself a manicure, you have up to 3 weeks worth of gel lacquered perfection! 



Go forth my child and spread to good word of game changing beauty products to those who need it most. 




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