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Hotter than Hot

May 31, 2017

With temperatures rising and the unofficial kick off of summer behind us, we can all agree that this summer is going to be hotter than hot!

Summer time usually bestows on us a gorgeous look (i.e. glowing tan skin, a well rested appearance) and our makeup palette usually errs toward a more natural palette.  There is a downside to the season though- sweat pouring down your face, cloying perfume, and hair that frizzes in the humidity.  Keep cool girls!  One thing all my years in shopping television have taught me is, that there is ALWAYS a product for that!


On the Rocks


 Everything is better on ice!  Juicy Couture's newest addition to their famed line of fragrances, Viva La Juicy Glace, proves just that.  Infused with the same DNA as the beloved classic Viva La Juicy, Glace is it's cooler sister.  Glace means ice, so go ahead and give yourself the ultimate icy indulgence by chilling it in your refrigerator!  By chilling the fragrance, you extend the life of its cool top notes, letting this fragrance match your summertime mantra of "chill".


Set It


 I know this is cliche, but this is a game changer!  If you have ever met someone who has a glow about her , yet you cannot detect that she is wearing any makeup at all, she is probably wearing this.  Cover|FX's Illuminating Setting Spray not only makes your skin luminous without a hint of "trying to hard", it sets any other makeup that you may be wearing and adds a refreshing spritz to your skin mid day!


Jelly Baby



Are you longing for the days of yore when your lips always exuded their rosy red hue of youth?  Batti's jelly lip tint pack takes care of that for you.  I am obsessed with the all day tint that this lip mask ( yes, you apply, dry, and peel off to reveal your perfectly colored pout) gives you.  Whether you are on the beach, at the park, or at a summer wedding, this baby isn't coming off!



Forever Young

Forget makeup this summer! Okay, maybe not all of it (Cle de Beaux concealer, I'll never let you go!), but most of it.  Tan-Luxe's The Face is a godsend to my naturally pale pallor.  Unlike most facial self tanners that do not allow you to put any other moisturizer on your face, Tan-Luxe's lets you customize your level of tan by allowing you to place a couple of drops into your favorite cream! Don't worry about looking younger tomorrow, you will look better by lunch!



In between your rest and relaxation, try out some of these products and let me know what you think!










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