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A Penny For Your Lashes

July 17, 2017




You know how you throw a penny into a fountain to make a wish?  I know that you are never supposed to tell anyone or your wishes won't come true, but I'm going to give one of mine up. I always wished for long lashes.   Okay, so not always. There were a couple of princess and Ferrari wishes thrown into the mix too, but I have definitely always admired and yearned for long, luscious lashes.  

Alas, a girl cannot wait forever for fate to step in, so I took matters into my own hands. There is still no Ferrari yet, but I have been sporting some long, fluttery lashes for sometime now. Read ahead for some of my tried and true tips for getting your lashes in tip-top shape! 


Undress Your Lashes


Back in the day, I used to think that I could use my face cleanser on my eyes. Trust me, don't ever do this! The results were burning, wrinkly eyes and brittle lashes (a.k.a not the look I was going for!) but I felt that every other eye makeup remover took ages to get my waterproof mascara off.   Garnier's SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water saved eyes from looking 80 when I was in my 20's!  The Micellar Technology attracts dirt and oil, so there is no need to scrub, even on long wearing and waterproof mascaras.  Shake it, apply to a cotton pad, and watch your makeup melt away - behold Micellar magic!




Speaking of Magic...






 For years, so many of the girls that I modeled with praised the benefits of Latisse and its ability to transform one's naturally stubby lashes into wings of butterflies.  I also heard that it could change your eye color to brown.  Not willing to give up my hazel peepers, I avoided indulging in the magic potion that is Latisse...until this year.  After a bout of winter blues and a headful of low self-esteem, I found myself at my dr.'s office, face prostrate, begging for a bottle.  At first, nothing happened.  I stuck with it.  I wanted long lashes, dammit! At first I didn't see results, and as I robotically applied it every night, it just became another step in my routine....until one day and Bam!  I woke up and stared at a giraffe in my mirror. Super long lashes adorned my still-hazel eyes.  I've been a Latisse convert ever since.  In fact, I'm gong to go trim my lashes right now.




Enhance It




You know those products that you used to use that were amazing, yet you were lured into trying something else and forgot all about your old favorite?  That is what its like with me and my old favorite, Lancome Cils Booster lash base. Priming your lashes helps your mascara go on smoother, leaving them silky and clump-free. 



I hope that you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite products in the world of lashes.  Comment below and let me know how you make your eyelash dreams a reality!




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