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Beach Hair, Do Care

August 21, 2017

 In my quest for hair as shiny as a raven's wing, I took a seat in the chair of Hayley Casha, St. Petersburg's best hair colorist.  Trust me, this girl knows a her away around a head of hair.  Since I was getting a keratin treatment (i.e. I was there for about 4 hours), I decided to grill her for some of her best info on keeping one's hair smooth, shiny, healthy, and damage-free.  Here is a peek into our conversation as I sipped a coffee from the Color Bar and waited for my transformation to take place:


CF:  Does a Keratin treatment, like I'm getting now, going to give me ridiculously shiny hair?


HC:  Well, that mostly depends on your ethnicity and what type of hair you have.  Shine has a lot to do with your color.  The darker it is, the shinier it is.  When you are colored blonde, the cuticle is opened up and is rougher, leaving it exposed to more damage.  If you are bleached blonde, then your hair cannot handle a keratin treatment. People pass around horror stories about the damage that keratin did to their hair when in fact their stylist shouldn't have given it to them because their hair wasn't able to handle the heat of the flat iron being passed through it multiple times.  



CF:  Interesting.  Are there any other options besides keratin that you would recommend to someone with lighter hair or hair that doesn't take well to keratin but wants shiny hair?


HC:  Definitely ask your stylist for a shine treatment.  Most salons offer them.  They are not permanent but they are like a clear glaze that coats the hair and gives its boost.


CF:  What about something that may repair damaged hair?


HC:  People are really loving Olaplaex treatments.  Olaplex is a fantastic treatment that can strengthen and protect hair from the damage that coloring can do. It bonds your hair together, building it from the inside out. 




 You can get the treatment at the salon, or you can do one at home.



CF:  Any recommendations for at home hair treatments?


HC:  Absolutely!  Without a doubt, use a mask ever other week (or more).  Masks offer a myriad of benefits to the hair to make it healthier, stronger, and therefore, shinier.  Always let them soak in for at least five minutes.  You can also sleep in them and rinse them off in the morning.



Favorite hair mask, right here!



CF:  Do you have any tips on protecting your hair this time of year?


HC:  A little known tip is to always put a leave-in conditioner into your hair before a workout, especially if it is going to be outside.  The salts from your sweat can really wreak havoc on your strands, causing color fade and a rough texture.  Put a lighter conditioner in if your are not going to shower right away, but it is preferable to wash your hair after your workout, if you have been sweating.  Beachgoers should definitely have a leave- in in their beach bag at all times.  Spray in before, during, and after swimming to ensure that you have a protective barrier between the sun, salt, chlorine, and your hair at all times. I love NEUMA's line for all hair care, especially their instant fix!


 neuMoisture adds to your hair, without adding chemicals



There you have it, from the pro herself - you should care about your beach hair!  











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