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Women, Children, and Concealer

September 18, 2017



When disaster strikes, women and children are known to be saved first.   Due to a Category 5 hurricane pummeling its way toward Florida, my family recently had to evacuate our home and this question was all too real. We ended up leaving the state to head up to Nashville with HSN.  In all the emotion of packing our most treasured pieces, we had to have things with us that help us look camera ready too!   If a natural disaster was coming for you and you had to leave you things behind, what would you take ( kids, dogs,, husband, insurance cards, and a signed N'sync tee being a given) from your beauty cabinet?  This is what I grabbed in my 10 minute packing spree:



 Concealed Weapon:

 This is hands down the best concealer on the planet!  For the love of all things holy, get some right now.  Cle de peau's concealer is a game changer.  Something about its formulation melts straight into your skin, yet lasts all day.  This concealer doesn't crinkle, doesn't wrinkle, doesn't slide, plus it takes a long time to go through - and that's coming from me who uses it every single day.  This concealer definitely made first cut in my emergency bag.



Skin Insurance:



 I cannot be without these bad boys for even a night.  Serious Skincare's Glycolic Pads chemically exfoliate your skin and leave it much more radiant than before.  I love using these at night after I cleanse and before I moisturize to ensure that all makeup is removed and that any dirt and debris has fizzled away.  If you try them on the back of your arms, they will get those annoying little red bumps that some of us get as well!  In terms of travel, I toss a few into a Ziplock bag, and they are good to go.


Beauty Rescue:



 Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream moisturizes skin, as in face, lips, hands, feet.  It can be used to smooth fly aways - rub a small amount between your fingers and tame any wild hair.  It protects against the elements - wind chapped skin doesn't even exist when you have this on.  It gives you a dewy glow - place a small amount on your cheekbones, collar bones, or cupid's bow to highlight your beautiful face.  Is there anything this little cream can't do?


Hair Guarantee:




 Forget the curling iron, straightener,  and wave wand- there are weight limits people!  GHD's Platinum White Styler gives you all of those tools in one.  I have used GHD straighteners for years and they are my favorite for the fact that they have a patented technology that ensures a safer heat for your hair, meaning less breakage and more shine.  I also love that it has universal voltage, so no matter where you travel, your hair will still look good!


The Cleanup Crew:



 As simple as it may look, Lace for the Face is a game changer when it comes to cleansing your face.   Skin cleansing brushes can be super bulky and need to be charged after a while.  With Lace for the Face, you can get the super cleansed results that you seek, yet because it is lace that you are exfoliating your skin with, your skin is cleansed and not irritated.  I also love that I am not constantly having to buy replacement heads and all that jazz.  Honestly, I have had mine for 6 years!!! Not a night goes by when I am not using Lace.


 These were only a few of my standout favorites.  I did bring a few more items....but just like a plane's weight limit, there is a time limit! Are any of these your favorites?  What would you or did you bring as a Beauty Evacuee?  Leave a comment below!


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