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Mombie Makeover

October 4, 2017

Mombie (n.) Mom-be


1. (slang, sometimes derogatory) A mother who is consumed by raising her children to the point of being sleep deprived or simply obsessed, and hence zombie-like. 

2. (slang, repeated nonce word) A zombie (i.e. undead) mom.


Mother or not, we have all felt and looked like death warmed over.  After pulling an all nighter baking your kids' gluten free muffins for the school's bake sale, the last thing you want to do is spend a precious hour of your morning in front of a mirror, but "moms be judging on the playground'' and a scruffy pony and baggy eyes just won't do.  Here is a quick five minute routine to get you looking ( and staying) alive:


The Red Eye


 Ask any makeup artist, blue eyedrops are a must have!  Collier Bleu eye drops' cool blue tinge  counteracts any redness in your eye, plus alleviates the cat-scratch feel that haunts you from lack of sleep.  Trust me, blue eyedrops will help look more bright-eyed and bushy tailed, rather red-eyed and barely alive.


Cold Rinse



 As chilling as it may sound, rubbing a few ice cubes on your face is a quick way to wake up tired skin.  The coolness of the cubes shrinks the blood vessels which calm down any inflammation and puffiness but also increases the warm, fresh blood to the area, making you look and feel alive.  And if you are really in a hurry, you can toss the ice on your kids to wake them up, since they are the ones who are probably responsible for keeping you up! JOKING!


Caffeinate Inside and Out



A steamy cup of hot coffee to get you going on those heavy-headed, groggy mornings is crucial, but, if you want to look alive, coffee is just as essential on your skin.  Our eyes are the first thing that alerts the world that we are not feeling our best and it is very important to have an eye cream that will perk up your eye area, especially after a night of no sleep!  Serious Skincare's Eyetality is one of my all time favorites!  Not only is this cream ultra moisturizing, which always helps with concealer application, but it contains coffee bean extract and caffeine, loads of anti-oxidants and amino acids that guarantee a tighter, brighter eye area.  Eyetality also comes with a cooling metal tipped applicator which helps smooth away any puffiness.  Check out Eyetality night cream too- not only does it rejuvenate your eye area while you sleep, it grows your lashes too!



Just Peachy




 A peachy outlook on life certainly gives our tiredness the heave- ho.  Did you know that peach-hued makeup can do the same.  The final step in your quest to looking alive fast, should be a swirl of peach blush like Too Faced's Papa Don't Peach ( it smells like peaches too!).  Papa Don't Peach is flattering on every skin tone because of its buildable color and its peach tint  gives you the appearance of a well-rested, healthy glow.  Don't stop there!  A pop of peach on your eyelids also makes eyes appear brighter and more awake.  Too Faced also makes a Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette which contains 18 shades from peaches and corals, to bronzes and plums!


Kiss Your Zombie Self Goodbye



Thanks to dehydration, sleep brings out all of the cracks and wrinkles your lips may have.  Leave your dry, matte lipstick for another day and try a lip plumper instead!  The sheer, shiny, plump pout that Buxom's lip gloss gives you is phenomenal, as are their line of colors.  On days that I am tired, I stick with their peach-tinged Bunny color, but I also love Dolly, White Russian, Mudslide....the list goes on and so can you now that you have transformed from Mombie into dear, who are you calling old, Mom!



Do you have any tips or tricks that work for you in the morning?  I'd love to hear in the comments below!









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