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More Than Just A Pretty Bottle

November 8, 2017



I always have to laugh after I come off air and inevitably get the comment "Wow!  I didn't know that you could speak?"  That's right!  I can!  And if you know me, I do.... A LOT!  As a model, we would often get mic'ed to speak during a show, to add in our opinion or experience on a product.  Other than this, models are supposed to be silent and do as they are told.  Well, I love beauty products so much that I would often get into trouble chatting about them during the shows to the other models.  That's when I knew that it was time to make a career change this year from modeling beauty products, to yapping it up with you on television.  Tonight is also a big night because it is my first Today's Special.  For those of you who do not watch HSN on the regular, that means that we have the best product at the greatest price for 24 hours.  This year, I have partnered with Juicy Couture to represent their incredible, award-winning fragrances.  Not only have I always worn and loved Viva la Juicy, after my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago to meet with Honorine Blanc, the Master Perfumer behind the fragrance, I now know that there is a lot more to what is inside that beautiful bottle.



Meeting Honorine Blanc is like meeting the Beyonce of the fragrance world - she is a really big deal. Honorine has created so many of the world's best-selling fragrances, your head would spin ( which could be from trying to smell them all).  Of all the fragrances she has mastered though, Viva la Juicy is the one that she is most proud of.  " Creating Viva was a moment of passion for me," she said.  " The fragrance is so uplifting, there is no darkness to it."  She told me how she had the American woman in mind when creating the scent and that is why it is filled with such joy and optimism.  Viva la Juicy is not too light and airy though, which is what makes it so universally appealing.  Honorine explained that she first started with the heavenly scent of the delicate gardenia, and caramelized it to warm it up,  At the top of the fragrance, you get the burst of happiness in the berries, but then you get the gentle, beautiful florals that come in, and after that, she warmed the whole fragrance for you with the sensual notes of amber, vanilla, caramel... the notes that bring you closer.  


Honorine shared that in the day of Instagram and filtering, authenticity is often lost.  She believes that it is coming back though.  Viva la Juicy is just that.  It is a fragrance that is authentically feminine. No matter if we are 18 or 60 years old, we will always have the same structure, the same core of who we are, just like the notes of Viva la Juicy. "When you wear Viva, your are not being worn by the fragrance, you are wearing the fragrance." Honorine explained. " This fragrance doesn't walk into a room before you do."  She also explained how she made sure that the notes fit and work together just so.  "There are no holes in the scent."  I learned that creating a fragrance is very much like creating a song.  There is a rhythm and flow. "There is so much more to a fragrance than what is sprayed on a blotting paper in a department store."  I couldn't agree more.


Watch HSN tonight 11/9 at 12am EST and all day for an over the top deal on the world favorite Viva La Juicy!




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