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Tight and Toned

May 28, 2018



Are you guilty of dressing in your gym clothes only to never step foot inside of the gym?  Now the unofficial kickoff of summer is here, the thought of shedding our clothes for a bikini may seem daunting.  We've all been there.  Life is so busy and going to the gym can seem like the last thing on our minds.  Even if you haven't dedicated to multiple workouts per week, there are some shortcuts that can make  you look a little better than you may feel! Plus, even if you have shed blood, sweat, and tears in the gym, the appearance of cellulite can haunt even the most dedicated exercise aficionados. Read ahead for some of my favorite tips to banish the bulge!









Dry Brushing



A little secret that was passed down to me by a world-famous supermodel, was the secret of dry brushing.  Every morning (or when you remember, but morning or before a shower is best), strip down, get your dry brush, and start at your feet with upward, medium-pressure strokes (soft enough that you don't mark yourself up) and brush toward your heart ( that's your left side if you are having a "moment"!).  When you get above your heart, stroke the brush down, toward your heart.  The goal is to get your circulation up and running, in turn, helping fight against cellulite. I've love this one from the Body Shoppe.




Hot Lemon Water





There are so many benefits of lemon, especially when ingested first thing in the morning.  Hot water with a squeeze of lemon ( I prefer Meyer lemons), wakes up your body, gets your blood flowing, and your digestion moving.  I like to drink it on its own or add a slice or two of ginger for an extra zing of metabolism boosting benefits! Trade a cup of hot lemon water for your coffee in the morning and see if you feel a difference.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!




Coffee Scrub


 Speaking of coffee.... don't give it up entirely! Frank Body coffee scrub is like a cup of joe for the outside of your body.  Not only does the exfoliating nature of the grinds slough off dead skin, the caffeine in the coffee dilates blood vessels, giving a short-term tightening effect to the skin.  Another plus is that coffee scrub increases circulation and reduces water retention to get a tight and toned look, with a decreased appearance of cellulite. I love the smell of coffee, but Frank's also has a coconut coffee scrub that smells like a vacation and a chocolate one!  Enough said.



Blast it Away


With rave reviews under its belt, the Fascia Blaster breaks up fascial adhesions that cause pain and get your circulation going, along with a myriad of other benefits. Without getting totally into the science of cellulite ( leave that to Ashley Black who created the FasciaBlaster), this tool could bring you to the glory of the smooth thighs of your dreams ( honestly, check out the before and afters here)!



Do you suffer from cellulite?  Have you tried any of these tips and tricks, or do you have any to add?  I'd love to hear in the comments below! XO











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